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How to make powerful presentations with 1 simple trick?

Powerful presentations are an effective sales tool that helps your clients visualize their desired outcomes.

In modern selling, the buyers have generally covered almost 50% of their sales cycle before they speak with a salesperson. This means you will need to be a consultant or concierge to help them achieve their desired outcome with your services. If they are able to get a feel of what will happen after their purchase, they become more comfortable and confident about signing up with you.

What is the usual experience when a presentation is done? 

There are slides, after slides, after slides. The presenter is raving about the topic. The listeners are zombies busy lifting the dead weight of their eyelids. The slides are static. Loads of text and a few images.

Finding a presentation that is to the point in the shortest amount of time, is a rare gem. 

A presentation wrapped in a story is even more hard to find. 

A presentation that tells the story without anyone uttering a word? We call it the real needle mover! 

Can there be a way for a presentation to get to the point with build a story without uttering a word?

This may just be one of the toughest things to do. For most of us, it actually is. But there is a tactic you can use.

Which 1 simple tactic can you use to make your presentations powerful?

Siddharth Dwivedi, head of growth XOR labs, shares this awesome tip to make this happen. 

“Start using memes in your pitches!”
For him everything improved once he started doing it.

Memes sit nice and tight between images and videos. They can combine the best of both.

Why do memes add power to your presentations? 

Can you think of the reasons? Let’s see what they do.

– They make our mood lighter in the meeting, including the presenters

– They make the point crystal clear! 

– If a picture says a thousand words, maybe, a meme says “tens of thousands” of words! 

– Not to forget, they will make you stand out from the crowd! 

So, What is your meme for this trick?

Give it a try, especially with the younger customers. Millennials can instantly connect with them.

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