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What is the simplest highly effective modern lead generation strategy?

2020 will be one year that world will remember forever. It disrupted world in both negative and positive ways. In modern selling things like lead generation have seen distinct new patterns. New channels and activities have shown themselves to be more rewarding.

One of the things that became amply clear at this time is – if you want to build a brand for yourself or your business, digital platforms are fundamental.  In modern selling, they play a critical role in strong and consistent lead generation.

To many of the small business owners and professionals, this is going to be a paradigm shift. Most of the founders face a common challenge in their sales process – Struggling to generate brand awareness and hence struggling to generate quality business leads

One of the social platforms that have taken a giant leap in helping business owners and professionals create a strong brand is LinkedIn. 

Most of us use LinkedIn to be on top of the latest news and trends in the professional world. However, simple advice from a known founder of a marketing agency changed this on its head for us. 

Here it is: “Stop being a consumer. Start being a creator.”

Initially it is hard to understand why this advice is so valuable. What does he really want to tell us? 

So the NeedleMover team started reading more and following a lot of interesting people on Linkedin. We tried to find patterns. We tried to understand what those “interesting” people were writing about. A lot of things were not following a common pattern. 

However when we thought more about what we saw on LinkedIn, one thing started staring at us. 
Each one of these interesting people were doing one common thing! 

Note – We didn’t always find their content interesting or insightful. But they were creating something every single day and sharing it.


Adi Suja, Aviral Bhatnagar, Asim Qureshi, Justin Welsh … there are hundreds of them. 


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They are doing it for years, without fail – almost every single day! 

It may be taking less than 15 minutes a day for them, but you know what : 
“Consistency is the Biggest Growth Hack!” 

Today hundreds of thousands of professionals and business owners are following these people who are also called “LinkedIn Influencers”. 

People know what they do, which companies they work for, their area of expertise, their achievements, and many more things. The most important however is – what kind of people they are! 

This personal connection and their willingness to share their worldview have created a unique brand for each of them. 

So, what are the wins in doing this simple activity of writing a few lines daily?

1. It makes us thinking more clear.

2. The response from the readers gives us valuable feedback. 

3. Many new people have started following us. 

4. Every day there is at least one person who reaches us for some advice. 

5. Some of our best customers have reached us because of these little posts. 

So here is a NeedleMover insight for you: 

“When you create content that provides value beyond the reader’s expectations,

You will command and grow the most important NeedleMover in business or sales growth – Trust.”

It is very hard to earn. It can take some time. However, once you have nailed it, suddenly a big tap of business switches on! 

So, what is the simplest and most rewarding lead-generation activity?

Create some useful content every day! 

You don’t need to be great at it every day, but your intention and efforts need to show. 

How much time does it take? – 15 minutes a day! 

How much education is required? Higher secondary.

Can you give it a try and share your experiences with us?

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