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How to get 300% more sales meetings with prospects?

Almost always, your first communication with prospects is to plan sales meetings with them.

Any prospect ready to have a meeting with you shows a certain level of seriousness and can be considered as a warm prospect. 
Therefore it goes without saying that more meetings mean more sales.

It, therefore, makes sense to have a carefully crafted sales strategy to convert more prospects to have a first serious meeting for the next stages of sales to occur. 

3 important steps of this Strategy to get more meetings with prospects : 

Step 1 – Take some time to do a quick research of your prospect before the first call. The bigger the ticket size for your product or service, the stronger the research should be. 

  • Check Linkedin profile- Their job descriptions, endorsements, recent awards, promotions, Check the common connections and other interests which you can use to personalize your conversation
  • Search on google – Find public social media pages of customers, learn more about their interests, motivations, values, influences, and personality.
  • Check Company website- check their vision, product releases, about us page, concepts about the company, their client, their favorite sectors. Explore the names of a decision-maker 

All of this is driven by one single question: “How can I help this potential customer with my product or service?” 

Also Check- How do you Start exposing the prospect’s pain EASILY with ONE question?

Step 2 – Once your research is done, Ask yourself these sales opportunity qualification questions

  • how big of a sales opportunity is this?
  • What is the challenge or opportunity for this prospect where I can help him with my product or service? 
  • Where and when is this prospect most likely to respond?
  • What I can offer to this prospect? 
  • What can be the objections & how do I handle them? 

Step 3 – Once you are ready ensure that your first call or email covers the following questions

  • How does the prospect feel our confidence and authority in what we offer? 
  • How do I establish our credibility quickly? 
  • How do I personalize the email or call? Is my call or email to the point and short, respecting the prospect’s time? 
  • How do I give the prospect a glimpse of the possibility of his gains by associating with you? 
  • How do I sound polite and show empathy in my call or email? 
  • Does my email or call give the prospect options for meeting timing – reducing his burden of making that decision? 
  • Have I clearly explained why I want a meeting? What value can the meeting generate for the prospective customer? 

If you are going to reach using an email you can explore good email templates online to get a quick start and improve upon them.

Sample :

Finally, a few sales tips that will help you while booking your sales meetings: 

  1. Avoid asking for Mondays and Fridays. This is when you are most likely to get a “no” or the prospect may not give his/her full attention being in a weekend mood. 
  2. If the prospect seems skeptical – explore what doubt may be and why is it there? Try addressing it there and then. These are some of the best places to uncover a lot of valuable information about your prospect if you can open them up about their doubts. 
  3. If the prospect is diplomatic or non-committal, keep the conversation going and try finding out of there is enough interest. Make the prospect open up and help them become more direct about their level of interest. 
  4. If the prospect seems friendly, you can spend more time on call with them gathering more information which can be valuable for the meeting. Sense the right time to gently ask for a meeting. 
  5. If the customer is enthusiastic, which will generally show through their questions and energy in the conversation, you can ask for the meeting rather quickly. 

Hope these sales tactics and strategies help you quickly increase your sales numbers.

Let us know what else can help our community members increase their chances of getting more meetings with their prospects.

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