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How to quickly create powerful sales outreach emails?

Are you in a situation where your prospects are not responding to your  emails? .. especially your initial outreach Sales outreach emails?

This happens with almost 99% of the companies in the market. This happens mainly because they do not properly think about what their customers are looking for from their first email.


What is important to remember while drafting your outreach sales email? 

For starters, it needs to talk about what matters to our customers. It needs to relate with them. Modern customers are generally going to avoid any cold call. So nowadays, your sales outreach email is replacing what used to be your cold sales call or your first interaction with your prospect.

This means, everything that happens on a cold call, needs to happen in a short but crisp email that the customer will see from you.


So, how do you create that connection with your prospect in the email? 

Connecting is instantly created when what you say relates to their real-life situations. Especially if you can write about their problem in simple but effective words and use their language in your email, it will build an instant connection.

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So here is what you need to do:

  1. Talk about their pains and what they want themselves to achieve
  2. Describe what frustrates them and what excites them
  3. Cover what they are facing now
  4. … and express possible desirable outcomes! 

Sounds a bit too much? Take it easy! 


Here is an effective sales tactic suggested by Kyle Coleman from Clari:


You just need to follow these 5 simple steps to create a powerful sales email copy.

STEP 1 — Go to a software review site (G2, TrustRadius, etc.)

STEP 2 — Read a handful of positive reviews.

STEP 3 — Find the features, values, and pains solved that reviewers highlight.

STEP 4 — Copy.

STEP 5 — Paste.

Does that make you feel excited? 

Do you know why this works? 

It is important to understand the psychology behind this sales tactic. Once you get a good grasp of it, it will become natural for you to use this tactic, every time you are crafting your emails.

Kyle describes it in the simplest possible words. He says:

“Because this is coming from users really using your product.

They’re the target personas that you’re reaching out to all day.

They’re telling you what matters most to them.

They’ll help ensure you have maximum relevance and resonance with other folks like them.

Use their language, and see what happens.” 


So, while using this sales tip, you read from the most serious users of your product. They were naturally expressing themselves after using the kind of product that you are selling. They were telling you what they want honestly.

Most importantly, they were showing you how they use a few specific words to talk about their pains and frustrations.

Can you imagine what you can do, in case your products don’t have enough reviews?

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