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How modern selling differs from the old way of selling?

One of the biggest realizations that the corporate world had post-Covid time in 2020 is – ” Remote work can be as productive as working from office”. This applies to modern selling as well.

Technology adoption, especially in the technologies that are vital for communication, has exponentially grown even in developing countries like India across the globe. This is not only applicable to jobs in software development, engineering, finance but also to those in operations and sales.

Millions of companies have focused on virtual selling as their main approach to selling while laying off large chunks of their field sales forces. 

Do you know the 10 key things about old way of selling?

  • Trust was established mainly through in person 
  • Relationships were most dependent on the relation that your sales rep had with the prospect 
  • Sales cycles especially in the enterprise deals were 9 to 12 months 
  • A lot of time was spent mainly setting up a meeting 
  • Sales reps spent a lot of time entering data in CRMs, setting meetings, coordinating between internal and external stakeholders, customizing presentations. 
  • Companies did not have much knowledge of what each member of their sales team was doing 
  • Sales managers needed to spend a lot of time being the “sales operations officers” 
  • Team members needed to be in the company offices almost every single day 
  • Cold calls were central for lead generation 
  • The buyers hardly knew about your services or products before their first conversation with the sales rep 

What is different about modern selling? 

  • Most of the teams are working remotely – they hardly need to come to office 
  • Remote meeting tools are the “go to” mechanism 
  • Team co-ordination, call recordings, CRM data entry, email follow ups, detecting prospect’s buying signals, team communication and whole lot of other things are driven predominantly with software tools that use AI and machine learning 
  • Even for enterprise deals sales cycles are shrinking sometimes to even 6 months 
  • Focus on lead generation using social media, SEO and online advertising/marketing 
  • Prospects have covered more than 60% of their buying journey before their first call with a sales rep 
  • Prospects build most of their trust from what they find out online and communicating with their friends even before their first touch with your company 

All of this mainly because of two simple reasons – 

  1. Millennials are almost 50% of the workforce now. They are decision makers on most of the deals – as a buyer as well as a seller. 
  2. Covid time in 2020, forced pretty much the entire world to explore working from home. 

Since this speeds up the overall sales process while saving a ton of money on infrastructure for corporates – we have reached an era – where modern selling will be mainly “virtual selling” or “remote selling”. 

So the real questions are –

Have you adopted modern selling? And Do you know what it takes to excel in it? 

Sadly, most of the companies we deal with are unaware of the approach, techniques, and tools which are playing a dominant role in fast-growing modern companies. 

If you want to survive (forget thriving) – you must learn modern virtual selling as soon as you can. 

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