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10 Powerful Questions that Rapidly grow your Sales

If you are a business owner or a sales professionals you are driven by a strong desire to rapidly grow your sales. Using powerful questions can make it clear and easy for you.

To be able to do this you need 1 thing which is common in best salespeople across the world. 

They are guided by powerful needle-moving questions. It is their quest to be at the top of their profession, that made them think beyond what most of their peers did. 

These powerful questions can be simple, and yet fundamental to the growth of your sales and services. (As an example, for 20 years google has been working at one simple question: How do I bring the world’s data at your fingertips?)

While each business may have one or 2 main questions they care about, there are a few questions that business owners or sales professionals need to ask themselves. 

If you avoid asking these questions to yourself, it can severely hamper your growth prospects. So … 


What are the 10 questions that will guide you to grow your sales numbers?

(And with those questions, let us understand – why do we need to ask them – meaning – the “Quest” behind them.)

Question 1: Do your existing customers boast about you or your services?


Quest : Are they delighted or simply happy about you or your service? The difference is huge. If your customers are delighted, this means you are serving their needs as well as wants. This can skyrocket the referrals for your business. 

Question 2. Do you have a clearly defined referral process to win new customers?


Quest: The best conversion rates and best customers come through referrals, even today. But 99% of the business don’t have a clear process for generating referrals. They don’t know when and how to ask referral. The hidden question is, do you believe that referrals can win big business for you? Do you really strive for customer delight, rather than simple customer satisfaction? Do you take measured steps to get one or more referrals from each customer you have? 

Question 3. In your sales and marketing, do you talk about your customer’s problems?


Quest: The real question here is, how do you make your customers relate with you? How do they feel empathy while dealing with you? Is your focus more on your service or on your customers? 

The same service or product can solve different problems for different customers. 

So, the deeper question is, do you understand your customer deep enough? 

Question 4. How many interactions do the majority of new prospects take to become your customer?


Quest: The real quest here is to understand, how effective your sales process is? Where and how can you improve your sales process? What is draining you in your sales and what is making you win? 

Less than 1% of sales professionals and business owners, continuously work on improving their sales process. 

Question 5. Do the majority of your clients buy a second or third time from you?


Quest: Here is the real quest: Are you making efforts to be in front of your customers after they have made the purchase? Have you explored products or services which you can sell to the existing customer base that you have? 

And more fundamentally, do you really care for those who have purchased from you? If you do, it will show especially after the sale has been made. 

On a side note, selling to the existing customer is 10 times easier, since they know you and they have shown trust in you by buying from you.  


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Question 6. Do you understand why customers buy from you?

Quest: Let get a bit deep here. The real question here is, do you know why they choose you as a person over other sellers? 
This will make you understand yourself, your style, and your skills better. It will also make you understand who is the best fit to be your customer. 

As you know, 99% of the business sell the same products. So what is it in you and your customers, which makes the deal happen? Why didn’t they sign up for your competition? 

Question 7. Will the majority of your users get pissed if you shut down your product?


Quest: So here is the thing you need to really ask yourself –  Do they use your products or services just as an option or do they really care for you? Do they relate with you at a deeper level than being merely a buyer of a service or product? 

The modern buyer often buys experience and culture, rather than simply buying a product or service. 

Question 8. Do your customers ask you for more products or services?


Quest: Are you giving them all that they need? Is there something more that you can do for them? Are there areas of expanding the business, which will make your customers stick with you more while bringing more revenues for you? 

Question 9. Do your customers often ask for discounts?


Quest: The deeper questions can be – Has your service or product become a commodity? Are you selling your offerings like a commodity? Can you do something about the experience your customers get with your services, where a certain segment of customers will prefer buying from you without haggling? Are you targeting the right set of prospects? Are you reaching those who deeply need your services or products?  

Don’t just read out these questions and their deeper quests. 

Take one question at a time. Apply it to your sales and services. Go deep. Find one small thing you can do about it before you dive into the second question. 

When done with all of these  10 questions, look at the first again. Repeat the same process. 
99% of those who read this will not do this! And there lies your competitive advantage. 
All you do is take a small step with the insight you get with each of these questions. 

Share it with someone who needs to see this. 

If you have more such questions, please share. We will explore them as well. 

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