Finding it difficult to effectively express prospect's pain points?

Finding it difficult to effectively articulate your prospect’s pain points?

Do you find it difficult to talk about your prospect’s pain points in their own words?

Do you often see that when you talk with prospects about their pains and frustrations,

you do not get the kind of response that you were looking for?

If can feel strange. You will feel less control in your sales conversation. If this keeps happening, the chances of making the sale go down dramatically.

If this is happening with you then you must know that you are missing a critical element in your sales pitch which is critical to creating a deep connection with your potential customers.

The real connection happens when you start using the words and style of language about your prospects’ problems, the way they would speak or think about them.

Jason Bay shares these 14 things you can do to find how your customers describe their problems –

  1. Conduct Customer interviews (Kevin “KD” Dorsey has a great framework)
  2. Talk to successful sales executives at your company
  3. Talk to customer support or the client delivery team
  4. Talk to a coworker that best represents your personas
  5. Take notes from your sales calls consistently – especially about what customers said – find what is repeating in substance and words
  6. Listen to recordings of sales calls done by your sales team
  7. Look at cold emails from anyone on the sales team that have landed meetings (thanks Jed Mahrle)
  8. Download every case study your company has and capture language describing customer challenges
  9. Watch or read every testimonial and notice whatever is relevant
  10. Go to review sites for your product/service and look at your competitor’s positive and negative reviews
  11. Look at your competitor’s testimonials and case studies
  12. Look at the language that industry experts use to promote their webinars
  13. Look at relevant industry events and either attend or take note of titles and descriptions of the talks
  14. Listen to podcast interviews with your personas

Can you share anything we may have missed?

Let us build empathy and let us put ourselves in our prospect’s shoes!

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