what are you most proud of? 27 Sample answer

What is your Greatest Achievement Sample Answer for Freshers

Find 27 carefully curated powerful examples of what is your greatest achievement sample answer for freshers.

Prepare a crisp and impactful answer even before the interview.

The common fresher interview question What are your achievements for freshers can look simple but can be tricky. This is why we covered it in our last previous post.

Interviewers will ask this in many ways like “What is your single greatest achievement?” or “What are you most proud of?”. This is when they are trying to quickly figure out the strongest contenders for the job in the shortest time possible.

So you need to have a crisp and impactful answer ready even before the interview. That’s why, in this article, you will find 27 carefully curated powerful sample answers for “what is your greatest achievement?” interview question for freshers!


Your greatest achievement may be something that you’re very proud of, or it may be a milestone you’ve reached in your life. 

Many recruiters ask this question to get a sense of what you are most proud of and what you have accomplished. They are looking for qualities that they believe are important for success in the role that they are hiring for.

Some examples of things that recruiters might be looking for include leadership, problem-solving skills, teamwork, self-starter qualities, etc. It depends on the key responsibilities of the job and the company culture.

So if you want to impress a recruiter when they ask this question, think about an achievement that showcases one or more of these qualities. For example, if you led a team to successful project completion or solved a complex problem at work, these would be impressive things for the recruiter.

No matter what your achievements are, it’s worth reflecting on them, aligning them with the job opportunity, and sharing your story.

It is important that you read the previous blog post which goes into detail about how to systematically and impactfully handle questions like “What accomplishments are you most proud of?”

Once you have read that article, this article will provide you with 27+ carefully crafted answers to give you a kickstart to prepare your own answer when the interviewers ask what are your achievements for freshers.

Even if you have few years of experience, both of these articles will be a solid guide for your preparation for interview questions on achievements.

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27 Crisp and Impactful examples of what is your greatest achievement sample answer for freshers


1. “My most outstanding achievement is completing my Bachelor’s degree in 4 years with a 3.8 GPA. I was a topper in subjects like engineering mathematics and applied mechanics in my bath. I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment, as it required hard work and dedication. I had no financial assistance from my family and had to work a part-time job while studying finance full-time. This taught me the importance of time management, establishing good habits, and staying focused on my objectives. It was worth it, though, as I can now pursue my dreams and goals

2. “Personally, I believe that my most outstanding achievement has been winning a bronze medal in the math challenge. It wasn’t easy to win the medal–I had to study hard and practice constantly to hone my skills. But the effort was worth it because being rewarded with the medal was one of the best feelings in the world. It showed me that if I set my mind to something and work hard enough, I can achieve anything I want. This experience has stayed with me throughout my life.”

3. “I’m proud of my recent internship with a top company. I was given a lot of responsibility and learned a lot. I also developed an app that has received some recognition. The app is designed to help people with chronic illnesses and make connecting with others who have similar conditions easier. I was inspired to create the app after my own experience with a chronic illness. It has over 10000 users now.”

4. “I’m a big believer in continuing to strive for improvement, so I don’t think there’s anyone particular achievement that stands out as my most significant. However, if I had to choose one thing, it would be my ability to communicate effectively.

I’ve always been good at communication, but it’s something that I’ve consciously worked on honing. As a result, it’s helped me immensely in my personal and professional life. In particular, it’s been instrumental in helping me secure event planning gigs.

My bubbly personality and ability to make people feel comfortable quickly comes across when talking to potential clients. Add to that my experience and credentials in event planning, and they’re more likely to take a chance on me than others.

5. “One of my greatest achievements has been to win many national medals in gymnastics. I have also represented my country internationally, which was a great honor. I have worked extremely hard to achieve these accomplishments, and I am very proud of what I have achieved.

6. “Without a doubt, my greatest achievement has been completing my undergraduate thesis. At the time of the major and minor project, I produced a unique and innovative piece of work that impressed my professors.

It was demanding and required a lot of hard work, dedication, and resilience, but ultimately it paid off, and I’m incredibly proud of what I accomplished. 

This experience has helped me stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs or further study and has given me the confidence to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

7. “A few things come to mind when I think about my greatest achievements. First and foremost, I am proud of my academic accomplishments. I excelled in school and was able to get into a great university. My second achievement would be professional. I am good at accounts, due to which I got many of the projects at the time of my internship. Been my ability to maintain good accounting practices.

I have a natural talent for organization and keeping track of details, which has allowed me to succeed in this field. I am also very patient, which is crucial when working with numbers and reconciling accounts. In short, I have a strong knack for accounting, and it is something that I am truly proud of.

8. “My greatest achievement is leading a successful cultural event for my college was one of my greatest achievements. It was an incredible experience managing and motivating 50 students to put on a fantastic show. 

Without everyone working together seamlessly, it would have fallen apart. Luckily, we all pulled together and created something special that everyone involved will remember for years to come.”

9. “My greatest achievement is graduating from college with honors while working full-time. It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and it showed me that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned during that time, and I’m proud to have achieved such a prestigious accomplishment.

10. “There are a few things in life that I would consider my greatest achievements. The best one would be receiving my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. These awards are given to those who have completed a certain number of hours volunteering, learning new skills, and participating in physical activities. It was a lot of work, but it felt incredible to be recognized for my efforts.



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11. “One of my greatest achievements has been Branching Out, an initiative I started up with some friends during my sophomore year of college. We offer free tutoring services to students who are struggling with their studies at our university. But more importantly, we provide a supportive environment that helps students feel like they belong on campus.

12. “My greatest achievement to date has been editing an online newspaper. When I first started, the newspaper was a small operation with only a handful of articles. But over time, we managed to grow it into a successful publication with thousands of readers. Along the way, I learned a lot about writing, editing, and journalism. It was a great experience, and I’m very proud of my accomplishments.

13. “For me, one of my greatest achievements occurred during my time in college. I was part of a student group responsible for organizing a sizable campus-wide event. We had to coordinate all the different elements – from finding sponsors to promoting the event and everything. It was a challenging undertaking, but we pulled it off.

14. “I created an instructional YouTube channel that has received over 2 million views. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to do everything from creating a budget to starting a business. My goal is to make learning easy and fun and to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

15. “My greatest achievement is the time when my article crossed 1 Million views in a short span of time. I am very happy and feel privileged to have achieved this milestone. It shows that you can achieve great things if you have a good idea and put in enough hard work. 

It was a great feeling to know that so many people were interested in what I had to say, and it inspired me to keep writing and sharing my knowledge with others. That experience was truly memorable, and I am grateful for it.”

16. “My greatest achievement has been volunteering to help a non-profit organization. I have always been passionate about giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than me. When I heard about this particular organization, I knew that I wanted to get involved and make a difference. The work they do is truly amazing and inspiring, and I feel grateful to be able to help out in any way that I can.

17. “My greatest achievement would have to be when I was elected to lead a community in college. It was an excellent opportunity to help others and make a difference in their lives. I learned a lot during that time, and it was an enriching experience.

18. “I am most proud of my ability to complete essential projects on time and within budget consistently. Whether it’s a major construction project or a minor task, I have a track record of delivering results quickly and efficiently in my internship.

Working under pressure never phased me – in fact, I often feel more motivated when there is a sense of urgency. However, I can stay calm and focused even in the most chaotic environments, and I believe this is one of my key strengths. I’m grateful that I’ve put this skill to use in my career, and it’s something that I will continue to lean on as I move forward.”

19. Answer explaining STAR Method

Situation: As a recent ABC University graduate, I believe my greatest accomplishment was what I managed to accomplish during my four years there. My financial aid was only half of the cost, and my family could not support me financially. During my time at the University, I also wanted to acquire some job experience so that I may begin working straight away after graduation.

Task: I quickly learned that I had to manage my time down to the hour to be efficient and up to date on everything.

Action – I believe that the key to my success is scheduling. Because I had a lot of activities on my plate, I used a personal calendar to keep track of everything. As a result, my weekly schedule looked like this: (Mon, Tues, Weds) -> By working hard and putting in the effort, I could balance schoolwork and the part-time job. 

Results: In the end, I graduated with a 3.9 GPA, no student debt, and was able to intern as the university’s social media assistant during my last two semesters. There, I also learned a lot about sales, interacting with our followers through social media, and organizing the most significant annual celebration at my university.

20. “I am very proud of my achievements as the manager of a volleyball club. When I took over, the team was last and had never won a game. We managed to work our way up to second place in the league in just two years and even made it to the play-offs. I am very grateful to all of my players for their hard work and dedication, and I am happy that we achieved so much together.



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21. “My greatest achievement was saving time by coming up with efficient methods in my internship. I was constantly thinking of ways to streamline things and make the process more efficient. For example, I developed a system for keeping track of deadlines and projects that was much more effective than the old system. My intern supervisor was so impressed that she asked me to train the other interns on how to use it. It felt great to know that my efforts were making a difference and helping everyone be more productive.”

22. “My greatest achievement so far has been becoming a proficient python programmer. I have gained a wealth of qualifications and experience through learning this programming language, and it has allowed me to develop cutting-edge software for various businesses. Python is a highly versatile language that can be used for various purposes, from web development to scientific computing, making it an essential tool for any business. I am grateful to have learned this powerful programming language and excited to see what the future holds.

23. “To date, the best achievement has been implementing a new team HR document management software in my internship. This gave the team greater clarity and transparency in our communication and helped to streamline our workflows. 

The software also increased our productivity and decreased the time required to manage documents. I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment resulting from my hard work and dedication.

24. “I am very proud of my achievements in college and my previous internship. However, my greatest achievement was when I received a glowing performance review from my boss. He commended me for being proactive, creative, and a great team player. It felt great to receive such positive feedback, and it motivated me to work even harder in the future.

25. “I was recommended for a Google internship after graduating from college. This was an incredible opportunity, and it would not have been possible without the help of my mentors and professors. I was grateful for all the support I’ve received, and I completed the internship in 3 months.

26. “My greatest achievement was organizing the biggest university event where up to 300 students showed up. I was responsible for every aspect of the event, from planning to execution. It was a lot of work, but seeing the result and knowing that I had made a difference was truly rewarding.

27. “I managed to graduate from college without any family financial support. In fact, I had to take out loans and work part-time jobs throughout school in order to make ends meet. So I would say my greatest achievement is overcoming all the odds and making it through college on my own.



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We hope this article has helped you get the required ideas and triggers to prepare your own impactful answer to the interview question, “What is your greatest achievement?”.

As always, remember to use the STAR method which has been proven effective in answering all behavioral interview questions. 

Remember, be authentic and specific about what you have achieved. Then, if you need any help putting together your resume or preparing for an interview, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 



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