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16+ Powerful Examples of Why should we hire you Fresher Answer

“Why should we hire you?” is a common but daunting fresher interview question, especially if you are interviewing for the job opportunities or companies that are the best options for your career plans.

These 16+ Sample Answers for “Why should we hire you”, is to trigger your imagination for your own carefully crafted answer!

Any well-known company, which is one of the best places to work, receives thousands of applications for their job openings. Only a few hundred shortlisted candidates face the screening calls. And, you will be lucky if you get invited for in-person or video call interview rounds.

In the final rounds of your selection, you will face many common interview questions, before the interviewer truly gets interested in you. This is where you are probably in the top 1% of the total applicants! So, this is the time to buckle up and deliver your final punch. Your answer to this question in the interviewer’s mind, “Why should I hire you?”, can deliver that decisive blow!

In this article, we will provide you with 22 carefully crafted interview answers for the freshers. Even if you are in your early or mid-career, these powerful answers can give you a direction to prepare your own response.

Mental Framework for why should we hire you fresher answer

Before you read the sample answers shared think about the following points.

1. You need to build a story around at least 3-4 distinguishing attributes around your skills, experience, projects, education, and achievements.

2. This story needs to have a strong natural alignment with key job responsibilities.

3. You want to come across the interviewer as humble, confident, and exuberant.

4. You need to choose your words carefully and precisely. Be specific.

It is important for you to prepare for this question in detail. So, check the following link.



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16+ Powerful Samples of Why should we hire you fresher answer

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To deliver an impactful why should we hire you fresher answer, you need knowledge of your skills and relevant experiences. You need to know the position you have applied for, in detail. Finally, you need to add a punch of creativity packed in concise and specific words, which is thoroughly aligned to the job’s main responsibilities.

This section is to give you a kickstart to think in that direction. Since you know the framework of building your answer for this interview question, you will be able to see it evolving in the following 7 sample answers.

1. Answer for the fresher job position in graphic design

“I come from a family where since childhood I have experienced a deep affection for different kinds of arts. My mother was a good painter and my father has been into photography and tabla. I personally enjoyed drawing and painting since childhood.

I have scored an “A” in state-level examinations like inter. When I came to college, I went on learning various software like CorelDraw, paint, Google sketch. Currently, I’m in love with Canva creating lots of beautiful graphics.

To check where I stand I went ahead and registered myself on a couple of freelancer sites. By now, I’m consistently getting many projects and my average rating has been 9.5. I also did a couple of internships around the field of graphic design so I could get a feel about my capability as well as where the industry is moving with the design styles and tools.

I’m deeply interested in user interaction design and product design and I feel that my analytical skills combined with the sense of design that I have acquired through all my experiences will come together for me to be able to deliver well on this job.

By now I have done almost 20 decent projects in graphic design even before the end of my graduation. It clearly shows my passion.

So when I looked at this job position I felt that this is my dream opportunity and this is where I will be so naturally fitting considering my skills and experiences. I feel that my passion, my background, my experiences, and my mastery of tools overall makes me one of the best candidates for this position.”

2. Answer for fresher job position in sales

“Right from my childhood I always found it very natural and easy to get along with almost any person. I have a lot of friends since my childhood and even in my college days, I have several friends who are from different branches and different years in their journey of graduation.

I felt that interpersonal communication and people management comes to me naturally. So to test this, I went ahead to become the magazine secretary of my college in the second year of my BBA. The interesting thing is I am not a natural writer so I had to motivate a lot of my friends we’re good at writing to contribute to the magazine.

I personally worked on getting sponsorships for the magazine. I had to meet various managers and directors of small and medium companies which are in the midc area. We followed a specific process of setting appointments, giving presentations, following up, and finalizing the deal. Fortunately, we were able to get total sponsorship money of Rs. 20 lacs.

Finally, we applied for an intercollegiate magazine competition and I feel proud to tell you that we got the first rank for the best magazine across the state of Karnataka. In this journey, I have come to understand that when it comes to communication, sales, motivating people, and keeping everyone focused in one direction, I enjoy the whole gamut.

It also improved me a lot with the kind of challenges that I faced in this small journey. So when I looked at the job requirements I felt that I’m going to learn so much in this job. My natural passions and the skills that I have gained align so well to deliver in this sales role where some of the sales are inside sales and some of the sales are in-person. So, with my background and the results that I have been able to achieve, I feel that I naturally belong to this role.”

3. Answer for fresher job position in software development

“I’m fortunate because when I was just 7 years old my parents give me an opportunity to interact with the PC we had at our house. Right from that time, the games that I played, the programming that I could do, and the kind of web and mobile apps I have seen, have fired my imagination. I can clearly see the revolutionary changes that computers are going to bring in the way humans live and interact with each other.

Because of this deep interest, I started working on small projects and small problems right from my 9th standard. A tutor who was appointed to teach me programming inspired me to take on tougher enter programming challenges. By now I have already worked on at least 300 such projects. I have also participated in national-level programming contests. In 2 of those contests, I was ranked in the top 10.

So when I came across this job opportunity I felt that I can perform really well. I should be able to contribute almost like a senior developer. I will also gain invaluable experience for many years to come in your company. I can clearly see how my innate passion to continuously learn, solve challenging problems and improve upon my programming skills consistently, will be in natural sync with the requirements of this role.”

4. Answer for the fresher job position which requires event management and marketing

“Right from the first year of my college, I have been involved in various group activities like dramatics, sports, intercollegiate competitions and even academic projects. The thing that attracted me the most were organizing and being part of the core committee of various collegiate as well as intercollegiate events.

Just the way you need to be creative, how you need to think about various elements like design, promotion, theme, the hustle, and the challenge of making any event successful, makes something inside me tick!

I have been the gathering secretary for my college which was attended by more than 5000 students from various other colleges. This involved me leading a team of 30 students. It was an effort of more than 4 months of organizing planning and executing.

We had to manage various activities like attracting sponsors, getting various permissions, planning the schedule of the dramas, singing competitions, and various other small activities. Overall it was an enthralling journey.

That’s why when I came across this marketing position which involves organizing so many different events for the promotion of your brand, it felt like a unique opportunity tailormade for my skills and my areas of interest.

You will find very few people who have this kind of experience of event management as well as self-initiated learning from platforms like Udemy. By the way, I’ve also completed 3 important courses on digital marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization. I feel that this well-rounded experience learning and skills make me a great fit for this position.”

5. Answer for the fresher job position in education and content creation

“Right from the 10th standard, I started consuming various courses from platforms like Udemy and Udacity. These were courses on learning to speak in good English, public speaking, graphic design, and even on learning different programming languages.

While doing so many different courses I understood the kind of impact that is online courses can have from an educational perspective. Now almost any child from even the most remote areas of the world with a simple Internet connection can learn from the best in the field!

I have always felt that education holds the key to growth and self-dependence for the billions of poor people across the globe. So even if I’m an engineering graduate I want to build my career in the field of education.

This is why when I came across this job opportunity I filled this was made for me.

I have already worked on my own blog for the last 4 years right from writing it, creating videos for it, doing search engine optimization for it, and even marketing it across social media platforms. My blog is about education.

So this well-rounded experience can be extremely useful for this special role in your company where the individual is supposed to work on content creation and content marketing. I have been fortunate to receive monthly traffic of more than 10,000 hits for my videos and my blogs. They have been shared widely. All of this even before completing my graduation!

This natural inclination combined with the experience I feel makes me one of the best matches for this position.”

6. Answer for fresher job position in Human Resources (HR)

“During my childhood, my parents exposed me to many wonderful biographies of people who have been leaders in business, social life, and even for their nations. Reading these books cultivated a different level of curiosity in my mind to understand what makes people tick!

This interest has made me curious about people, their behavioral patterns, motivations, and roadblocks. This is why when I started my BA in Arts, I also started doing courses in human psychology and the application of that psychology.

Soon realized that I’ll be able to explore this a lot more if I’m working in human resources with repeated organization. This is why during my second and 3rd year, I also did a couple of internships with one small and one big company in their HR departments.

In one internship I had to help in the hiring process and even take initial rounds of interviews with the candidates. And with the bigger company, I got to work on a couple of HR software systems as well.

Overall, by now, I have come to realize that human resources is probably the most important department in any organization. Although it surprises me that very few people are interested in building careers in this field. I feel that my experience and my learning is tailor-made for the position offered here. My experiences and skills also make me stand apart from other applicants. So I look forward to building a long career full of challenges and learning in your organization.”

7. Answer for fresher job position in Content Marketing

“When I went over the requirements of this content marketing position, I could immediately feel that my areas of interest and skills would be greatly used here.

Since the second year of my college, I got into writing blogs. I have been maintaining my blog with more than 150 posts on it. The way writing makes me think about any subject and the fun in expressing myself effectively is deeply fulfilling. It makes me go back to writing my next post every time I finish my previous article.

I wanted my blog to look good. So I took web development and design courses on Udacity. It helped me improve the user experience of my blog dramatically. I could see the engagement of my readers grow instantly. An average reader spends at least 4 to 5 minutes on my blog these days.

Then I also recently finished an internship where I was exposed to the marketing side of the content play. This was a 6 month long internship. I got the opportunity to manage 3 interns as well.

This combination of work experience with a natural passion for the field of content creation can definitely place me among the best candidates for this position. After all, many show interest but very few act on them!”

8. Answer for the fresher job position in Inside Sales

“I have been a placement coordinator for my college in my 4th year. This role involved me interacting with the HR departments of various companies. I had to persuade them to come for the campus interviews. It also involved me communicating the latest developments and about the new companies coming on the campus for interviews with my fellow students.

It was quite a hustle! It required me to use my interpersonal communication skills, a bit of sales acumen, and a lot of coordination.

When I looked at this job opportunity and what it entails you to do, I could see that I will be able to learn a lot and perform well in this job. This is because inside sales or remote selling is the way the future is of selling. It requires communicating with prospects without being personally present with them… Something similar to what I used to do in my stint as a placement coordinator.

It also means deeply understanding the other person’s personal and professional needs and wants. Then it is about aligning your solution and its proposition well with them. I know I will get to learn and use various technology tools or apps as I try I strive to become a better salesperson. I will need to coordinate with any kind of special or customization requirements the clients may have with the technical teams.

This is the kind of role that attracts me the most where I’m sort of the interface for an organization as well as its customers.

To judge my abilities and interests in this field I have so far interned with 2 companies. One job was a field sales role and the other job was of telephonic sales. In both the jobs I exceeded my targets and more importantly, I’m never felt burnt!

Even if it was an internship it was always demanding. This tells me that I want to build my career in this field. Down the line after many years of experience, this field will also equip me to be a successful entrepreneur.

So if you look at the aspirations I have, the passion that I’ve shown for this field, and the results that I have produced, I feel that I’m one of the best candidates for this position.”

9. Answer for fresher job position in Customer Support or Customer Success

“When I looked at the detailed job requirements for this Customer Success executive role, I felt an instant connection with it. As I can see, this role needs 3 important skills. First, customer care needs to come naturally to you. Then you need a bit of sales skills. Finally, you need to be a quick learner with good analytical skills.

I have found a natural interest in serving others. During the second year of my college, I was the general secretary of our mechanical engineering department. It is the only department with more than 200 students studying in every batch. I encountered various student and departmental issues and learned a lot about bringing successful resolutions in complex scenarios. Everyone has a certain personality and ego. You need to align well with them to bring their positive self out.

Then I joined as an intern in a pre-sales role with XYZ software company. This helped me understand how selling is done, solutions are proposed/presented and a prospect is helped in his quest to find the best solution his or her needs.

Finally, during my 4th year of engineering, I was the sports coordinator for the entire college. This is where I understood how to set different processes and improve them so that the whole operation moves smoothly. This role also demanded extreme patience while keeping a smile on my face. It built my analytical skills in building processes while doing a lot of customer service for fellow students.

Together, these things should make me one of the best matches for this position!”

10. Answer for fresher job position as Data Analyst

“Number and finding patterns has always been a fascinating process for me. Data and its correlation helps me see the inside story that is still to be uncovered. There is a sense of fulfillment when one can find actionable insights from the data.

During my school days, I was good at maths. I also was a ranker in the scholarship examination and national talent search.

In my college days, I loved preparing for JEE which provided me ample opportunity to solve challenging problems in maths, physics, and chemistry. This also attracted me to engineering.

In the last 4 years, I understood how data is playing a huge role in how organizations take all sorts of decisions related to sales, marketing, operation, HR, and pretty much any important field. So I completed a few online courses learning different strategies and tactics of data analysis.

By now I have become proficient in Python, Excel, Tablue, and 5-6 other tools which are central to data analytics. I have applied them in 10 different projects to become more hands-on with my understanding of the field of data analytics.

With the grades I have achieved during my college days and the extracurricular activities I have been a part of, you can understand that I work hard and like constantly learning new things.

Together, this combination makes me a natural fit for the role in data analytics offered in your organization! I look forward to delivering my best once given the opportunity.”

11. Answer for fresher job position in Accounting and Finance

“I come from a family where many of our relatives run their own business. This created a natural curiosity and fascination about the field of entrepreneurship. I was gravitated to learn buts and bolts of how any business functions.

I soon realized that how an organization handles its money, can be critical for its long-term survival and success. This lead me to choose the commerce stream even when most of my friends chose engineering or medicine. I was actually one of the toppers in my college and probably the only one who chose commerce.

For the last 3 years of my college, I have cleared 2 levels of the CA exam. I have done 1-year diploma course in banking too. I have interned in a couple of small companies handling jobs in their accounting department. I got to learn different accounting tools in this journey as well.

When doing accounting and finance-related work, I get to see various dimensions of an organization and its business in depth. A lot of truth about business is in your face if you are working related to its money and financial management.

So, I want to enrich my knowledge in this field by working in your company, where I see that I can deliver a lot while handling responsibilities ranging from core accounting activities to handling clients. I strongly feel that I am one of the best fits that you can get for this role! “

12. Answer for the fresher job position as Operations Executive

“Fron the first year in BBA, the field business operations has naturally attracted to me. It somewhere connects with my inclination to systematically plan operations and get things done!

I have the students representative for our batch. I had to synchronize and coordinate various initiatives of the college and the students. This meant carefully planning the steps involved, tasks to be handled, and achieving a certain level of smoothness in the whole execution.

Sometimes, we faced challenges also which lead us to re-design the whole process or parts of the processes involved.

Over the period of these 3 years, I have realized that any organization and its success has a direct correlation with the success of its systems and processes.

This experience has helped me build strong people and process management skills. I was able to use this same acumen to consistently score more than 70% in all college exams.

To strengthen my knowledge I have taken a couple of good courses at Coursera. So, overall I have a good feeling about how well I can deliver once given this opportunity to work for your company!

I feel that my passion, skills, and experience will be put to its best use here.”

This brings us to 12 carefully crafted sample answers for why should we hire you.



You will find 4 more impactful answers in this article: “Why should we hire you?”

We promise to keep on adding more examples of answers to this article so that you should have a large set of responses to learn and create your unique response to truly set yourself apart from your competition!

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