Importance of copywriting in modern sales

Which is the most underrated and overlooked skill in modern sales?

In sales and business development a professional needs 30+ skills as an article from Sales Hacker. But there is a specific skill in modern sales that it does not talk about!

This skill is becoming increasingly important and relevant. The dramatic growth in the adoption of virtual selling ( which is also called remote selling or inside sales) and reduction in in-person meetings are the 2 major reasons behind it.

The good news is it is possible for everyone in sales to learn this skill.

Bad news? Less than 1% of the sales reps understand its importance and put the effort to learn it. 

If you don’t put in the necessary effort, it can considerably hamper their sales figures considering how the modern buyer is buying products and services. 

So before we unfold this mysterious super important skill, let us see how the modern buyer behaves.

What makes the modern buyer different from the traditional buyers?

  1. Before they connect with a salesperson over a one-to-one call, they have covered more than 50% of their buying journey.
  2. They know what you are selling.
  3. They know what the market thinks about your offerings.
  4. They know who your competitors are and how are their products compared to you.
  5. They even have a good initial idea about what to expect from you when they reach. 

This is a huge progression in their buying journey, to say the least! The real question to think about in this scenario is ….

How is this modern buyer listening to you or creating their view about your company or products, even before speaking a single word with your sales person? 

And the answer to it is simple!

It is what they read about you – from your website, blogs, social media channels and emails!

Some part of it is written by your company. Other part of it is written by your previous customers or other stakeholders whom your company may have dealt with.

Even when they reach you, the first contact that you usually have is through an email or chat.

So here is today’s NeedleMover insight: 

“Knowing how to write words that inspire people to care is a sales superpower” – Josh Braun

In simple words, it is the art and craft of copywriting that the modern salesperson needs to master. 

How can you learn Copywriting which is such a critical skill in modern sales?

  1. Write the language of your customers. It is not about how you would talk. It is about how they will talk about the subject, that you want to discuss with them.  
  2. When finished writing, read it aloud. Listen to it yourself and ask this question: Does it sound like how your typical customer would talk about it in a casual conversation? If it sounds otherwise, give it one more try. 
  3. Avoid the words that are overused and which seem vague or pompous. Words like breakthrough, scalable, groundbreaking, turbocharge … Sounding genuine is far more important than showcasing yourself as larger than life.
  4. Reduce the word count as much as possible. Ensure that your customer does not find what you say boring or verbose. 
  5. Write it as if you are talking with your customer over a tea – Simple, informal and conversational. Formal language creates a certain mental barrier between you and your prospect. The modern buyer wants to feel you as a person and may hate dealing with a typical sales person. 

And ….

What are the 2 simple things that can help you improve your copywriting? 

  1. Reading the Ads that catch your attention. Think what made them so attractive to you. You may even create a collection of them for your future reference. 
  2. Take notice of all the headlines you read. Is there a pattern you see? What is making them catchy? 

If you want to master copywriting these are 2 more things that you can do …

  1. Find and subscribe to short courses which are available at a cheap price on portals like Udemy
  2. Use google to search “the best books on copywriting”!  You will find many.

Finally …

Here is a cool thing for you …

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