Why did you choose this job? - Common Interview Question

Why did you choose this career? – Fresher Interview Question

The most common reason why you choose a specific career path is that you are passionate about the work, have a natural talent for it, or it is in line with your goals and aspirations. When it comes to freshers however the choice of career or job can be very basic and sometimes out of short-term thinking. They choose a career path because they see it paying well in the industry. They may have applied for the job because they want to start earning money. They may even take a job because they don’t know what they really want to do in their career. While all these reasons are perfectly natural, they make this fresher interview question confusing or daunting. Freshers or those in their early stage of careers do not know how to answer this effectively.

“Why are you looking to get this job?” or “Why are you interested in this specific work opportunity?” or “Why are you interested in this position?” are a few of variations of this same interview question.

If you’re looking for a job that will make you happy and fulfilled, you need to find a career that aligns with your interests and motivations. But even before you eventually find such a job, you need to get moving with any job opening that may be acceptable for you. It takes time to become clear about our career choices. Hence, this question can be tricky to answer. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for answers to the question, “Why did you choose this career?” Showing the interviewer that you’ve put the effort to think through your decision and have a genuine interest in the position can go a long way. The word to remember here is “genuine”. The “Fake it to Make it” approach may actually hamper your chances of getting the job here.

Let’s dive in….

Why Do Interviewers Ask “Why Did You Choose This Career?”

Interviewers ask this question to get a sense of your motivations and goals. They want to understand your natural inclination and your undercurrents. They want to know if you’ve carefully thought about why you want to pursue this career or if you’re following someone else’s footsteps. In a way, they are searching for your natural alignment with the job offered.

Your answer can be anything from “I’ve always been interested in this field” to “I want to make a difference in the world.” Whatever your reason may be, make sure it’s something that you can articulate well and demonstrate your genuine interest in the field. They may also be trying to understand what drives you and what makes you happy.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to have a good answer ready. You want to explain why you feel passionate about your chosen career and why you think it’s the right fit for you. You should also mention any relevant experience or skills that make you a good fit for the job. In short, sell yourself carefully! 

How To Answer “Why Did You Choose This Career?”

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone has their motivations and reasons for choosing a particular career. 

No matter what you choose to share with them, always keep in mind that the interviewer wants to know why you chose this career and not any other career. So focus on why this career is a good fit for you and your skillset.

So, here are a few useful tips on how to answer this question:

1. Start by explaining your interests and what led you to pursue a career in this field.

2. Talk about your journey in discovering this career and what motivated you to choose it.

3. Share your skills and strengths that make you well suited for this profession.

4. Explain why you’re passionate about this career and what excites you about it.

5. Finish by reaffirming your commitment to this career and why you believe it’s the right fit for you.

Prior to using all these guidelines, it is important that you take efforts to research the company you are applying for. You also need to carefully understand what the job may entail.

It is totally fine if you talk about the triggers that made you think about applying for this job. These triggers can be as simple as a family member or friends suggesting you explore this opportunity. You may have developed a genuine interest before applying. Some instances in your life may have motivated you to take this direction. Whatever the trigger may be, it can give you a strong starting point for your answer to this common interview question.

Sample Answers for this Fresher Interview Question

There are a few reasons I chose to pursue a career in website development. For starters, it’s an extremely versatile field that allows me to be creative and use my imagination while also being technical and analytical. 

Secondly, website development is a constantly evolving industry with new technologies and trends emerging all the time, so it’s never boring. Also, I really enjoy working with people and helping them create something that is both visually appealing and functionally effective.”

I chose this career because I enjoy communicating with others and helping them find what they want.

I find sales to be an incredibly challenging and exciting field. It fascinating to learn about new products that benefit people’s lives. 

In addition, I enjoy the challenge of convincing someone to buy something they may not have originally considered while I was studying in college. 

Sales is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that constantly poses new challenges, which is why I want to make my mark there.

There are many reasons why I chose a career in writing, but perhaps the biggest one is that it’s a way to connect with others and share ideas. In addition, I enjoy the challenge of taking complex topics and making them understandable for everyone. 

I find it rewarding to help people understand their world better and see things in a new light.

Writing has also been a great way for me to explore my thoughts and feelings, and it’s allowed me to connect with amazing people from all walks of life. I’m grateful for the opportunities writing has given me in college, and I look forward to continuing on this journey for many years to come.

Mistakes To Avoid While Answering This Fresher Interview Question

Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid while answering:

1. Avoid giving a generic answer

It’s important not to give a generic answer in an interview. Employers want to see that you’re interested in the specific job and company they’re interviewing you for.

One way to show your interest is to research the company before your interview. Learn about their history, mission statement, what kinds of products or services they offer, and tailor your answer to match it.

2. Avoid mentioning what you don’t like in your current or previous jobs

When asked about your experience in a previous job, you should focus on the good experiences and learning. The interviewers avoid hiring candidates who tend to have a certain negative tinge in their personality.

If you have nothing good to say, it’s best to avoid mentioning your previous work. Remember, you want to leave a positive impression, and talking badly about past employers will not help you achieve that goal. Instead, focus on highlighting your strengths and how they can benefit the company you are interviewing with.

3. Don’t say you chose your career for money

When interviewers ask this question, they want to know what drives you. They want to know if you’re passionate about your work and be a good fit for the company.

Don’t say you chose your career for money. It makes it seem like you’re in it for the wrong reasons and that you don’t care about your job or the company. Instead, talk about why you love your work and what drives you to do your best. 

This shows that you’re passionate about the job opportunity and have the right attitude for their company.

What’s Next?

You may have chosen your career for many reasons- stability, money, passion, or a sense of purpose. But whatever the reason, it’s important to articulate why you chose this particular path.

When interviewers ask the question, “why did you choose this career?” They are looking to see if you have given any thought to your decision and whether or not you are passionate about your work. 

If you can talk about how excited you are to start your career and share stories about what drew you to this field, it will positively impact your interviewer. So it makes sense to prepare well in advance for this tough interview question.

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