What can make you work hard?

How can I quickly learn to work hard? I am so lazy!

We all desperately want to learn to work hard! But few of us figure out how to do it.
You will learn how to make yourself quickly learn to work hard by following 3 important questions.

Here is the secret you want to know! Each one of us is lazy! Yes, each one of us! 

“How can I learn to work hard?”, is a question that bothers all of us. 

And here is one more secret for you … 

Each one of us tends to work hard on a few things too! 

So, what is your real concern?

It is that,

You are not working hard on the things you really want to! 

Let us look at what makes us work hard… 

3 Things that Make You Work Hard 

1. Your level of desire to get something 

You want many things in life. How much you want something defines the motivation you have to get it! 

All of us can work hard for a few hours or a day on things we want. 

But, all of us are capable of working hard on things that are “must-haves” in our lives! 

So, ask a simple question to yourself if you feel you are being lazy about something .. 

“Is this thing a “must-have” in my life? Can I live calmly without it?” 

You will find that most of the things you want are NOT must-haves

One other question that you can ask yourself to know how much you want something is ..

How much disappointed will you be if you do not get that thing?


2.  Your level of belief to get that thing 

 You can work with inspiration for a small amount of time out of motivation. 

But for the marathon efforts in your life .. For long-term consistent effort in one direction .. you need to believe that you can get that thing. 

You need to have total faith that you will make it happen! 

So here is the second question to ask yourself .. 

“How much do I believe that I will get it?” 

Ideally, you need a natural, fast and instinctive “Yes” from within! 


3. Your level of enjoyment doing that thing 

This is a vital third cog in the wheel of long-term hard work. 

Can you imagine doing something for a long period of time, if doing that feels like a boring and stressful grind? 

Even if you had all the motivation and belief in the world, can you keep doing it for years? 

You get the point. 

So here is the final question you want to ask yourself …

“Do I enjoy doing it or does it feel like a huge burden every time I do it?” 

You want an instant “yes” to this answer for this one too! 


How do you quickly learn to work hard? 

Many of us have such concerns especially related to our careers and jobs. We know that we can work a lot harder and smarter.

But somehow it is not coming out. 

Make a sheet with the names of the things that you want to work hard on, written in rows. 

Then make 3 columns for these 3 questions. Start answering honestly! 

We bet that you will find at least one thing that you “naturally” seem to work hard on. You do these things without any carrots and sticks! 

You will soon find the things that get a straight “YES” on all these questions. Focus on them. This is where your growth is. This is where you will work hard for long periods of time. 

These are the things that will bring the best out of you! 


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