How can I quickly get a sales job with no experience?

With the increasing population and skilled people, it is hard for many good candidates to get a hold of a role in a company with a good position. Companies often look for candidates who have had past experience in the applied field. Especially in to get a sales job with no experience, be it entry-level or work from home, it is a bit risky for companies to give a position without any work proof. 


 Is it easy to get a sales job with No experience?

No job is easy to get. You must have the eagerness to learn and grow in the applied field. Most approached way is the development and knowledge one obtains by teaching and coaching from others. 

  • Provide service – Know your customer and their needs. While some salespeople busy themselves in selling their products, you focus on understanding your customers and giving a solution with the knowledge of your products. This attracts customers and they don’t feel like being targeted. Make your explanation of a product something related to the customer’s need in that way they might consider buying it.
  • Marketing – Yes, there is a difference between marketing and sales. But to sell a product you must have the basic marketing skills to highlight your product’s uses. Through marketing you can catch enough customer’s attention. Having marketing skills enhances your chances of getting hired.
  • Research on sales – If you have no experience in sales, you must have enough knowledge to start right away. The interviewer will consider you to be well prepared for the role. Being a people person who would get along with even a huge crowd is a bonus skill for a salesperson.
  • Networking – though you have the skills to start a position in a company as a salesperson, with few networking it is push for you in the back. Having acquaintances in sales helps you to get insight into the work culture of a typical salesperson. You will have advanced knowledge to prepare for the interview. Go to many events, there you can meet a huge crowd and get to know various fields and what is most approached to in sales as well.  

Where Should I Start A Career in sales?

Sales, in general, has a variety of options for the interested people to start as a career. Here are some good options on where to start a sales job.

Mentorship or training

Try getting experience at some training center. It would be a good warm-up for you from an industry point of view. In this way, you can learn from experienced salespeople and direct contact with the sales industry.

Inside sales  

These are commonly done via phone or email. Call centers are a great chance for anyone to work and improve their selling skills. It is important for a salesperson to tone their voice and to have enough knowledge of their products. Inside sales are much more comfortable and better access to a huge audience. Since you will have a script ready for a call, you will not hesitate to quiver in between the lines.

Outside sales

This includes face-to-face conversations between a salesperson and the customers. Most of it involves fieldwork. The most effective outside sales are retailing, as it is mainly giving flyovers and speaking of the products. Through retailing, one can develop their communication skills with a random stranger before onto a more pressurized work environment like call centers.

Outside sales is also a great way to become an expert in selling your products. You learn on how to approach different customers and how to catch a person’s attention while selling the product to them. 

Interested field

Working as a volunteer or as an intern in your interested industry can help you reach a much more secured level of salesmanship. 

For example, if you are interested in motorcycles, why not apply at an automobile company. This way you can use your knowledge on motorcycles to sell and increase their sales revenue. Pretty interesting way to raise your impression and also a letter of recommendation. 

Phone sales

Many salespeople demand this position as it has a wide range of competitors and profit in stipend as well as experience is a must. Phone sales can help you feel and experience the working culture of most outside sales. It gives you enough opportunities to learn and grow throughout the work and also prepares you for more fun and exciting events with the new products and the customers’ needs.


Lesser stipend

If you have no experience in sales and want to land a job offer, it is best advised to work in any industry or workplace with a little wage. You must have only one thing to achieve at the moment. Gaining as much experience by working at a local place or even having a helping hand in selling small products at a nearby shop also counts. If you are offered to work as a volunteer or perhaps for a little money, never decline the offer as it is your chance to add it to your resume as a sort of experience where you were exposed to little sales.

With the current situation, many have set up their work from home assessments to sell products. This is an amazing way to work for your starting career as a salesman and having done it proves your skills in dealing with overseas offers. Product launch in a foreign country might sound a bit intimidating but is rather a fun experience. With enough networking, you will have contacts with many business people in those countries where you can strike up a deal in exchange for a product launch under their premises. This helps you to grow your network and increase the company manufactures of the same products giving it an uplift in the revenue.

How To Prepare For A Sales job Interview With No Experience

The first and most important thing to remember, always focus on your skills. Regardless of what is asked in the job description, if you genuinely want to work in a sales company, you have enough skills that are required to sit for a sales interview. Some of the most common skills in sales are:

  • Good communication 

Why, yes. A salesperson must have the skill to communicate to not just the customers but also with the neighbors of their shop. It is of great advantage to know your surroundings where you intend to sell your products and being a good communist helps you in the field. 

  • Good Listener

One thing about salespeople is that they try to be heard. Sometimes they just blabble any random sentences that are relevant to the product but nowhere close to the detailing of the actual product. This is the worst in sales, if you don’t have a proper listen to when you are told about the tactics on selling a particular product, in the present scenario at the sale stand it becomes difficult to explain the customer. 

Being listened to comes with the fact that you let your customer talk about their needs properly and make sure you listen. In that way, you explain to them how your product can help them with a solution to solve that problem.

  • Negotiation skills

 After a proposal with a customer, it is necessary to lead a disciplined negotiation process. If the customer points at the price being too high, stick to a minimal discount as if you give a high discount it will be a loss since the product is not being purchased more. If there is a lot of demand for the product, calculate the amount of discount you can put on the table with minimum decrease in the sales. 

  • Technology

One of the most adhered skills required in almost all fields. As a future represtee of a selling product, a salesperson must have the knowledge of technologies or software to get used to the current market affairs and put up less effort in using a changed strategic approach.

These might be enough skills but keep a tab on the requirements of a salesperson in the job description and tune your resume if any of them is relevant to yours or is infact a skill you possess. 

It is not necessary for every candidate to have experience at a said company but having the knowledge and a little volunteer work can also give a way for you to emphasize your skills to the interviewer. It is observed that with many social media you can reach even a much bigger crowd. Set up accounts in various social media and present your product with a demo. Many salespeople have done social influencing to sell their products and have given the company many chances to launch even better ones. 

Tips To Get Sales Job With No Experience

Be willing to learn. If you have experience of one year at a company and have applied for a sales position at another, never argue on how much you have learned in your previous company, instead, accept the offer if you really want to and show them your eagerness to learn and make your way up. Here’s good news, if you are a fresher, most sales managers prefer candidates with zero experience as they can learn and adapt to new methods more easily than the old and experienced candidates. 

Don’t expect high

After the interview, you may or may not get a hiring call from the company. If in case you get a call, be reluctant to accept the offer even if it is to start at the very bottom. You can rise higher to an average level with your hard work and it will show your enthusiastic nature in the workplace.

Sell Yourself

If a future salesperson successfully sells himself/herself to a company with no industry experience then it is a moment of appreciation for you. Because it is important for the interviewer to get a glimpse of the salesmanship side of yours. Your willingness to learn new things from them and not just to use your skills for their benefit shows how you can have a bigger potential competitive to other companies and can sell more products.

Be patience

It is likely for you to get rejected many times at an interview due to zero experiences but with your highlighted skills, there will be many opportunities for you to decide at the moment. Be patient and persistent and keep applying at various companies.

Show your little achievement

If you have done a small amount of work at some local shop with email that is considered to be a salesman’s job can help a lot. Email writing is a way to reach many customers and provide a much better scripted product explanation. 

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