How can you tell that you are feeling overwhelmed with life?

15 Strong Signs showing you are Feeling Overwhelmed with life

There are times when life hits you hard. Things seem out of control. Any step you want to take seems to be clearly pointing to a potential failure. You question what you are doing and what you have done. The question “Why me?” starts bothering you once in a while. The mind is invaded with thoughts of “If I had done this ..”. If any of this relates to you, there is a strong chance that you are feeling overwhelmed with life!

However, let us not jump to any conclusions. Let us explore what sort of things are common with those feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

15 dominant signs of feeling overwhelmed with life

1. Increase in Hesitation

When we are overwhelmed there is constant confusion in our minds. Questions “Shall I do this or do that?” or “Will this work or not?” are the source of major worries.

When it is happening with you, it can be a good idea to do things that tend to calm you down.

2. Small things creating anxiety

Do you remember when seemingly unimportant things are creating visible anxiety in you?

That towel or those clothes not kept where you expected them to be. Or that food item not tasting the way you wanted it to .. Or The communication that you expected not happening on time .. Or ..

There is a long list of small and insignificant things which are creating sudden stress in your emotions.

If so, it is time to get a bit slow and observe why this is happening to you.

3. Wavering Attention

One of the common things that happen when you are overwhelmed is your focus and your concentration taking a hit.

Every time you set yourself to do something, you find it hard to engage with the activity. Small changes or movements around you start attracting your attention.

If this is happening to you, do you have a system in place to train your attention?

4. Difficulty in sleeping

You go to bed being tired. There is heaviness in the body. But your mind is all over the place.

No matter how much you try sleeping, you remain awake. As you spend more time in bed, you start feeling some stress in your head once in a while. You try changing your positions but the same loop repeats itself.

Your timings to bed and getting up are constantly changing. Slowly, tiny frustration starts building up within.

Is this happening to you frequently? If so, do you have a framework to ensure a deeper sleep?

5. Continuous feeling of low energy

Right from the morning to the end of the day, you have a constant feeling of lethargy.

The body does not seem to have freshness. You try drinking tea or coffee to get your mojo back. But just 15 minutes later you re back in the same condition.

Now, this has happened and happens once in a while to many of us. The question is, have you found something or some activity that can turn this around for you?

6. Consistent negative thought spirals

When we say thought spiral, in simple words it is like a chain of thoughts. In this chain, one thought introduces the next thought and that thought introduces the next one. Generally, our days are filled with such thought spirals. It is just that we do not notice them consciously.

There are days when we just seem to be getting a lot of negative thoughts. All the things that ever bothered us seem to come together.

A good idea may be to think about where it started? What happened today, that may have triggered this thought tsunami?

This is one of the most common experiences of those who face overwhelming. The good news is there are practices that can take you completely out of this trouble.

7. Constant Feeling of Lack

You may be doing 10 different things in a day. Carrying our many important responsibilities for your family or your organization.

However, there is always that sinking feeling – “This did not happen.” or “I could not do this or that.” or “I am not able to do this or that”

It is quite possible that in reality, you may actually be far better off than millions of individuals around the globe. But deep down you have a constant sense of lack in life.

You are not alone if this is how your life is right now. And there are some powerful practices that can get you out of this almost instantly!

8. Feeling of loneliness

If you are overwhelmed, chances are you are avoiding people. You are avoiding your friends or colleagues.

“What will they think of me?” or “What will they say about me?” are your biggest worries.

Deep down there is deep negativity and anxiety within. You feel lonely. You feel that no one can understand what you are going through. Small conversations or things said by people around you are disturbing you.

Here is something you need to know – You are not the only one facing this. Maybe the better thing to do is embrace vulnerability!

9. Rigidity in body

Modern science has found ample evidence that the mind and the body are deeply interconnected.

Most lifestyle diseases are a product of your weak mind condition eventually affecting your body. If your mind is constantly under the stress of one or another kind, eventually the body gives up.

You have experienced that when we expect joy out of any activity or when we enjoy doing something, our bodies feel fresh and energetic. It moves and bends without friction. There is a sense of flow in our actions.

However, sometimes the same body feels rigid. There is stress in one or other major sections like the neck or shoulders. This is found to be happening when a person is under stress.

People who are overwhelmed tend to experience such rigidity frequently.

10. Lacking control on your eating habits

Are you finding yourself eating unnecessarily more frequently?

Eating seems to be giving you a certain emotional release. That feeling of temporary relaxation is making you eat even more.

Modern societies are consuming way more than what is necessary for their bodies. Obesity has become a common phenomenon

If this is happening more than before with you, it can be out of the stress generated from the overwhelm.

11. Others are saying that you are looking “a little off”

Even if you are telling yourself that things are good and life is moving well, deep down you may not be feeling so.

Because of the deep mind-body connection, the body may be telling a completely different story.

The way you stand, walk, sit, speak or even the tiny expressions on your face are giving clues to those around you about you not being at your normal.

So, check if your family or friends are finding you a little down frequently


12. Increased Inaction

Analysis paralysis is common between the confused and the overwhelmed.

You don’t know what is the better next step. There are so many options and it is hard to choose one over the other.

There is decision fatigue. You are unsure of your priorities.

If so, you can read this nice piece on how to figure out your goals when feeling overwhelmed!

13. Increased Procrastination

This is related to the point we just covered.

When anxious or confused, you tend to delay doing even those things which are important for you or your personal/professional growth!

This delay is in fact a result of the indecision that frequently happens when overwhelmed.

All you need is to simply take 1 step! Start doing something even if it is not the most important thing.

The most important outcome you need is action right now! Learn the “Game of Steps”!

14. Feeling of Emptiness

When overwhelmed, at times nothing seems to matter. Nothing seems to be meaningful to you.

What you are doing and what you have done seems empty. Your appreciation for your life has found its bottom.

If so, let us take this as an opportunity to introspect. It may just be a blessing in disguise!

15. Giving in quickly to temptations

When it is difficult to control your emotions and actions, one of the natural outcomes is to give into something that is easy! Even if that thing is not good for you.

The social media musings, the junk food, the negative conversations, the gossip, lying in the bed too long! .. Such things start becoming a common occurrence.

This simply means a lack of the willpower needed to power yourself through your day!

By now, you are well aware of the biggest signs that indicate you are overwhelmed with life! the good news is you can overcome you overwhelm daily quickly.

Here are 15 Powerful things that you can do when bogged down with your overwhelm!

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